Kings Of War Base Plates

  • £1.39

Kings of War Base Plates
3D Printed bases with a lip around the edge
Ideal for making Multi-Base Army Units
These are made to match the KOW 3.0 rules Footprints
Sizes cover various Troop, Regiment, Horde and Legion bases
and Units like Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Cavalry Chariots Ect
These Match the footprint exactly so if using these for Movement Trays you
will need to trim down your Model Bases slightly
KOW1 100x100mm
KOW2 100x40mm
KOW3 100x80mm
KOW4 120x40mm
KOW5 120x80mm
KOW6 125x100mm
KOW7 125x50mm
KOW8 150x100mm
KOW9 150x200mm
KOW10 150x50mm
KOW11 200x100mm
KOW12 200x120mm
KOW13 200x80mm
KOW14 75x75mm

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